Our time together was too short!

It was great to meet and work with you in Edmonton. Please allow me to follow up on some promises and share some information.

The Excuse Terminator:

There is a standard version (uneditable) that you may access via the site and code I gave you at the conference.

For information on the manual card format and the electronic version (with a short video), used by more than 3,000 collectors internationally, you  may get more details at this site.


The Mentor Ship:

Why learn from your experience when you can learn from others? There are many stories of success as well as failure in this FREE book written by some of the most seasoned credit and collection experts in Canada and the world.

Also, we are looking for stories for our second edition. If you have one or two or know of someone who may be interested in sharing, please send me an email.

Follow this link for details and to download a copy.


The CollectABILITY Index Assessment

Looking to hire candidates who will be a good fit for collections?

You may recall I offered you a free CIA (CollectABILITY Index Assessment). For information, please follow this link and if you want to take the assessment, please email.

It takes less than ten minutes.

If I have missed anything, please let me know. I hope our paths will cross again soon. 

Until then, remember that “It is cool, calm…and collected!”