A movie about you? 

Ever wonder what actor or actress would play you in a movie? Sure you have!. What about the co-stars? Who would play your spouse or significant other (maybe several of them). How about your parents, your siblings, best friend who betrayed a trust, your first, best and worst boss? How about the girlfriend or boyfriend of long ago, who despite the years, still crosses your mind from time to time?

Here is another good question. Who would someone pick to play you in the movie?

Wonder no more! All you need is $4.99, some creativity…and perhaps a thick skin.

How it works:

  1. Register and you will receive a code giving you access to complete a casting script. (See a sample of a casting script from the movie XX).
  2. Decide if you movie with be a full bio, maybe birth to present, or perhaps a special few years or even a week or weekend in your life. This is where the creativity comes into play, along with the casting that follows.
  3. Choose your co-stars from actors, actress, athletes and other public figures. (We’ll give you some suggestions.)
  4. Use your code to access and fill in your casting script. You could stop there and print your copy, but there is more fun on the way.
  5. Send a link and code to co-stars and others.
  6. They view the script and may offer a few suggestions for casting, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, they will offer their casting selection for you! This is where the thick skin comes into play. We may have been thinking of casting ourselves as what many might consider a hunk or very attractive…others may not have the same view:)
  7. Voting takes place if necessary and you fill in the final casting script.
    But wait…there’s more…if you want it!
  8. Optional for $2.99 to fill in and receive a movie trailer. Here is an example.
  9. Full Monty? We will provide some links where you may want to go much further and include videos, special voice over and more.



What you get:

(Be able to show all three of same person. The initial package will be worth the small investment, but won’t cost too much more to go for full. Discount for Full Monty if you have already invested.)

Basic package:

A title with subtitle (you choose from our information provided, but you may also have listed on your email and requested/received suggestions from your co-stars.

Note: Copyright may prevent us from including photos of public personalities with your script, but for your own personal use, you could add them later. (We provide suggested links to obtain photos and show an example or two.

Should there also be a movie poster in the basic?


Upgrade package:

Movie poster with our background or one that you provide (designated format and size)


Full Monty:

Video clip of your movie trailer with music (voice additional).


The Rules:


  1. The lead (you) selects those who will play all of the co-star and other roles in the film.
  2. The exception, and it is a big one, is the actor/actress who will play your role. A number of different individuals may be recommended by those you have chosen. From the ‘pool’ they will vote and select the person who will play you.
  3. Designated roles may be alive at present or not, expected to be an actor or actress, but could also be a public figure including athletes, politicians, musicians, etc.
  4. You have final say in the roles played, but suggestions may be made from others.
  5. Once you complete the project, it is ‘in the can’ and cannot be changed.



What’s your movie about? It could be a full bio, including figures from birth until now. On the other hand, my friend Reva Nelson is the author of “Hippie Chick Abroad”, a book that covers a few years of her life from about 17 thru 19 when she traveled to Europe and adventures, etc…. You might decide to delve back to your school years or maybe a particular vacation or adventure. Hey, it’s your call, and that’s where the imagination comes into play.

How to select the co-stars

You can also send a casting call. To others or even friends, who would they suggest for XX

[1] The writer W. Somerset Maugham said, “After spending ten minutes with anyone, I could write at least a readable story about their life.”