“Don’t give up the power,” Blair said.

Last week I visited a collection agency, ‘Kingston Data & Credit’.

The COO, Blair Wettlaufer and I shared and swapped some stories and he gave me a short tour of the office. I couldn’t help but notice that the collectors were all using hand-held telephones – not one of them had a headset.

“I give all of them the option of using one if they want,” Blair said when I asked him, “but it’s my belief that you feel more powerful when you are holding onto a handset.”

Since then, I’ve tried it on a few telephone conversations myself and I have to admit that Blair might be onto something. Yes, it loses a bit in keyboarding speed – but it does seem to add a bit more power – and I can also stand up sometimes during the call, another tactic I haven’t used for awhile and not easy to do when you keyboard and have a headset.

You’ve got it – don’t lose it!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker