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Handle excuses, quickly and simply with…

The Excuse Terminator 

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  • Didn’t receive the invoice
  • Director not here to approve
  • Our terms are….
  • Payment sent two weeks ago
  • Out of work (Consumer)

The list goes on, but even though we have heard most of the excuses before (Check in the mail?) Too often, we don’t realize until the call is over we missed an important question. Never again! When a customer gives you an excuse, let The Excuse Terminator© help you resolve the situation quickly with the right questions. You can fully tailor the questions to suit your business, delete information and even add excuses that may be unique to your business.

This value product is used by more than 4,000 collection professionals around the world. Discounts available for multiple users as well as for unlimited use within your firm. Please contact us for details.

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