The best book written on collections and the ability to overcome all excuses!


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“An excellent resource for the professional just starting out, as well as the seasoned executive who needs to update his or her skills. This book is not only informative, it holds the reader’s attention through its many real-life examples and ancedotes.”

…Mary Ludwig, Editor, Managing Credit, Receivables, International Association of Management Accounting.

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Handle excuses, quickly and simply with…

The Excuse Terminator

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  • Didn’t receive the invoice
  • Needs to be approved
  • Our terms are….
  • Check not signed
  • Marital difficulty (Consumer)
  • Payment sent two weeks ago
  • Out of work (Consumer)
    …Plus…you can edit and add unique excuses that you hear in your business!

The list goes on, but even though we have heard most of the excuses before (Check in the mail?) Too often, we don’t realize until the call is over we missed an important question. Never again! When a customer gives you an excuse, let The Excuse Terminator© help you resolve the situation quickly with the right questions.

You will get your investment back (only $25) within the first few days, maybe even the first collection call, with this unique produce used by more than 5,000 collection professionals around the world.

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